Monday, August 31, 2009


I feel like writing but where to begin? I'm a bit scatter-brained tonight (as usual)... So many thoughts/ideas/pictures/links to be shared!

I wish I had thousands of dollars to spend to go on thrift store adventures.

I want a boy with scruff, gorgeous tattoos, a sexy name and indie rocker style.
(If you can't picture this perfect man of mine, well, here you go ...

I'm going to wear heels tomorrow. just because i want to.
sidenote- i like lower case i's better than capital ones.

I want to go to Instant Gratification, an art exhibit in Fullerton this weekend.

I want to swim in the ocean before the week is over.

The title of this post makes me happy.

I love the song 'soft' by Kings of Leon, its so perfectly sexy & dirty.
Just like ^him. :}

It's midnight and I can hear a strange bird outside my window...

I just read a Rose for Emily by William Faulkner. Morbidly lovely.

i thoroughly enjoy the heck out of the five lines and seven words below:

Archaic lady terms

I shall use one tomorrow. bringin it backk.

Well now that i've sufficiently confused, whip lashed, and scrambled your brain, i'm off to bed.


Sunday, August 23, 2009


What a weekend.
Lots of thoughts circling my head tonight, hopefully they stop circling come morning and finally go down that mental drain. .

I just finished a m.a.s.s.i.v.e project.
See, for the past oh I dunno, lets say year or more, a hurricane has hit my room and closet multiple times a day. multiple. I finally finally finally conquered the natural disaster site that is my closet. It took a harsh attitude and lots of "goodbye dear, lovely shirt" moments but after two huge heaping piles of clothes later, my closet is now wholly Katie and not the 15, 16, 17, and 18 year old me squished, jammed and thrown into one tiny, rectangular space. I also got rid of my biggest dislike in all of the world- wire hangers. I absolutely hate them. More than you hate the girl your ex boyfriend cheated you on with. Yes, that much hatred.

School starts tttttomorrowwww. I am both excited and dreadful, if that's even possible. Maybe I'm more "ehh" towards it. Like "ehh, it won't be that bad" and "ehh, I could use another summer right now" .. It was a good summer.
I'm taking Philosophy, Art History, Psychology and Literature this semester .. All subjects i've always been interested in. My dad called me the next Aristotle when I rattled off my scholary subjects ... haha. We'll see how I fair.

August 22nd 2009..
I took the little brother, Kelly to his very first concert. I must give my self a pat on the back for it was the KINGS OF LEON. His favorite, my favorite. Perfect band for a first concert. I bought the tickets six months ago for his sixteenth birthday. Kelly was absolutely ecstatic. I loved watching him sing the songs and dance his rocker dance. We got really great tee shirts (expensive, but so worth it) and I even let him sip on my beer. haha. I felt like the world's greatest sister.
KOL are absolutely amazing live, none of that "only good in the studio" nonsense that a lot of people listen to.

We had really interesting seats, they viewed the stage from the left side and were pretty darn close. I definitely have never seen a concert from that angle so it was really cool. They played a mixture of songs both old and new; the crowd was awesome and the kings rocked. . The encore was a set of 5 songs! I think one of my favorite things in life (besides sleeping) would be going to a good show. This was one of em. I wish I could go and do it all over again.

So it's 1:04 am, thoughts are still circling. I'm in the process of burning a new cd for my drive to school tomorrow.

Ah, to be distracted. it's 1:40 now. Bed? yes.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Sand Furnishings

Are you fed up with backaches from laying in the sand?
Are you tired of rolling around on your towel in an effort to find a comfortable position only to get covered in more sand ?
Would you like to sit in the sand all day at the beach without lugging around a beach chair?

Hello. My name's Katie and I'm here to talk to you about the Sand Couch.

Yes, you read correctly.
The Sand Couch. The most comfortable piece of furniture in all the world..

It has heated seats (thank you, sun), air conditioning (dig your toes a little deeper), limitless seating capacity (how long would you like to dig?) Cup holders... and it's even posturepedic! (wiggle around a bit and voila! personalized butt, back and arm imprints. genius.)

Go ahead. If you'd like to eliminate restless naps & sandy beach towels and enjoy the benefits of the Sand Couch, then make sure you get out there and create your very own sand couch today!

Sunday, August 16, 2009