Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Morning

So it's Christmas morning...
I'm laying face down on the bed, dreading the attempt I'm about to make at being a morning person. Let's just face it, I hate waking up and Christmas morning is the worst morning for people like me. We have to be happpyyy and say Merry Christmas and say I love you and get all excited over presents. Don't get me wrong Christmas is great; I just like it around right now, after I've had a cup of coffee and woken up a bit.. not at the crack-o-dawn. Anyway, back to waking up... I crack open an eye, ignoring my pesky little brother coming my way to most likely poke me or hit me with a pillow, and the first thing I see are waves. BIG waves, and driftwood and a small dusting of snow on the sand. Taking note on where I am, a hotel on the beach in Oregon, waves are a given.. but these waves are pretty much knocking on the window of our room. Our hotel sits right on the sand on top of a seawall. I sit up and my dad says that the waves are around twenty-eight feet, so says the news. Ahh, this is perfect because all I really want to do is sit and relax and watch the waves. After I grab my cup of coffee, the rain outside turns into these big fat snowflakes and another wave rolls in, crashing up against the sea wall. It's not even high tide and it's doing this. So entertaining.
This is why I don't wanna go home...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


So basically, I'm nocturnal. Reasons behind this state of mine are pretty simple. I cannot sleep before one in the morning or so and I like staying up late. I have no idea why I can't, for the life of me, go to bed early and I've given up trying to do so...So, I've become to like my perpetual cycle of falling asleep late and waking up late.
This brings me to my blog title. Makes sense now huh? I figured that If I was going to try this whole blog thing out, I'd most likely be writing (or blogging..?) during the wee hours of the morning or... during the midnight hour! voila. There you have it.

moving on....

So what does a night owl like me do at almost one o'clock in the morning in a hotel room when on vacation? Well, besides writing a blog...
About two feet away from me, my dad is softly snoring and my mom is passed out and another few feet away from them is my brother and the two dogs passed out (haha! he really one of the dogs!) so being quiet is mandatory. Therefore, my music is down to a minimum.

Mmm. Music. I'm currently listening to Strange & Beautiful by Aqualung... really really good song. But even better is the sound of the ocean in the background. And these two things together remind me of a picture I took today... Four roses stuck in the fence at Indian Beach. Not really sure why these were here, most likely for someone who passed away.
Or seeing that this beach was a location spot for a scene in twilight ...maybe a crazy Twilight fan? hah.

Let's not get me started on those books. I should probably go fake-sleep or something before my mom gives me the "what-tha-fack-are-you-doing-up-so-late?" looks....


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Here goes nothing!

For some reason I have decided to give the phenomenon, blogging a try.
Maybe it's because I'm on vacation, perfectly relaxed with nothing to do, no one to see besides my mom, dad, little brother and two dogs (should I just say three dogs?) and no where to go, well at least, at night. (it's around 30 degrees outside, not including the ocean breeze. Talk about chilly.)Maybe it's because this place that I'm in, my favorite place in the world, inspires me.

Let's get to that, where is Katie Kuntz during her winter break of sophomore year in college? She isn't in dysfunction junction, also known as Vegas with her mom's side of the family, she isn't in Washington state where she grew up visiting her dad's few remaining family members and she definitely isn't at home. So where? Well let me describe it for you. Think about a coastline. Beige sands and a vast grey ocean with white capped waves, add driftwood and enormous boulders the size of small buildings declaring their space in the rough water. A forest of omnipresent emerald green stands behind you and millions of seagulls fly over head. I bet you still can't picture anything as beautiful as the world right outside my window right now...

Fine. I'll give it up, my little secret, the one place that will always be my getaway, will always inspire me and will always feel like I'm going home whenever I visit...
Cannon Beach, Oregon.

Gorgeous right? I know. I definitely enjoy waking up to the picture on the left every morning. The giant monolith you're looking at dominates the beach by standing around 230 feet tall. It's now designated as a marine wildlife preserve but not too long ago, when I was a mini-Katie, I wandered, crawled and climbed all over this thing; fascinated by the giant orange and purple starfish plastered against its rocky tidepools. So now that you know that such a beautiful place exists, I'm off to sit by the fireplace, sip on a glass of wine (I am on vacation... :D ) and watch a movie with the fam. Updates to come.