Monday, August 31, 2009


I feel like writing but where to begin? I'm a bit scatter-brained tonight (as usual)... So many thoughts/ideas/pictures/links to be shared!

I wish I had thousands of dollars to spend to go on thrift store adventures.

I want a boy with scruff, gorgeous tattoos, a sexy name and indie rocker style.
(If you can't picture this perfect man of mine, well, here you go ...

I'm going to wear heels tomorrow. just because i want to.
sidenote- i like lower case i's better than capital ones.

I want to go to Instant Gratification, an art exhibit in Fullerton this weekend.

I want to swim in the ocean before the week is over.

The title of this post makes me happy.

I love the song 'soft' by Kings of Leon, its so perfectly sexy & dirty.
Just like ^him. :}

It's midnight and I can hear a strange bird outside my window...

I just read a Rose for Emily by William Faulkner. Morbidly lovely.

i thoroughly enjoy the heck out of the five lines and seven words below:

Archaic lady terms

I shall use one tomorrow. bringin it backk.

Well now that i've sufficiently confused, whip lashed, and scrambled your brain, i'm off to bed.


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